Turtle Talks is hosted on Turtle Island Fiji, an exotic private island paradise. Awarded for their innovations, Turtle Island balances an exquisite resort experience while tending to the delicate and thriving ecosystem.


As stewards of this treasured island, Turtle Island is committed to reaching 100% sustainability. This vision became a reality with the installation of a solar farm in 2013, making Turtle Island one of the first ever clean energy resorts in the world. A $1.5 million solar project, the solar farm reduces annual costs by $250,000 and allows the island to reduce their carbon footprint by saving 220 tons of greenhouse emissions and 85,000 liters of diesel per year.


In addition to lighting the way to a clean energy future, Turtle Island grows its own food and supplies fresh produce for guests and staff year round from a four-acre fruit and hydroponic vegetable garden.


An eco paradise, Turtle island is an unspoiled tropical oasis where the soul is touched and expanded – by the primal freedom and beauty of nature, by the generous hearts of the Fijian people, and by friendships with fellow guests sparked by dialogue and laughter nightly at the communal table. Just 14 couples are hosted at a time so that every guest can truly savor splashing in the warm, azure waters on private beaches, breathing in the scent of exotic flowers, and dining on fresh seafood paired with just-picked herbs.


Turtle Island is a sacred island paradise where true joy, serenity and intimacy are discovered. Turtle Island once discovered is never forgotten.


Turtle Island


Richard Evanson, Jr. is the son of American entrepreneur and eco-visionary Richard Evanson. In 1972 Richard sold his cable television business and traveled the world in search of meaning and purpose. When he arrived in Fiji, the beauty of the islands and the warmth of the people lured him to stay. From the moment Richard spied Turtle Island, a life-long adventure and his love affair with this sacred island paradise began.


Today, Turtle Island is run by Richard and his son Richard Evanson, Jr, known affectionately as Junior.  Junior grew up on Turtle Island, attending school across the lagoon until furthering his education in Australia.  He is both Fijian and American — Fijian in culture and language, and American in his entrepreneurial spirit.  Together, father and son honor and nurture the land, gather their Fijian family in love, and invite you to join their oasis.

Turtle Island's magic is keeping the guest experience intimate.
We want our solar farm to inspire others to adopt clean energy.