Emilee Pierce


VP Marketing, American Efficient (now called Go Good)

San Francisco

Emilee is a marketing expert. From cap-and-trade to retail energy, Emilee knows how to translate complex ideas into powerful messages. Over the last decade, she’s helped hundreds of legislators, regulators, entrepreneurs and activists win votes, increase sales and more. In her current role at American Efficient, Emilee couples mobile social media marketing and retail incentives to enroll consumers in good, green home services, such as renewable power supply.


Before joining the private sector, Emilee oversaw core components of the country’s largest 24-hour media monitoring and rapid response program. She also managed strategic communications on behalf of 10 U.S. states participating in the nation’s first mandatory cap-and-trade program to address climate change, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).


Emilee is a Partner at the Truman National Security Project, a national security leadership institute, and holds a B.S. from the Boston University College of Communications.