Turtle Talks is a new web series, devoted to driving conversation to accelerate positive change. Filmed on Turtle Island Fiji, Turtle Talks invites leading thinkers and doers to one island to discuss solutions to the biggest issues facing people and planet.


Each talk begins with the simple premise of the inevitable. That one day humanity will advance to solve our greatest problems. We believe it is simply a question of how fast we get there.


The inaugural talks gathers five experts in clean energy to lead the conversation in imagining a future in which we live with 100% clean and renewable energy.



Creator, Turtle Talks

Monica Laurence is the creator behind Turtle Talks.  Believing that “you only get to a future if you can imagine it,” Monica invites leading thinkers and innovators to Turtle Island Fiji, an idyllic eco paradise where it’s easy to imagine a world in which current challenges are resolved.


A sanctuary for the environment, for indigenous culture, and for the human spirit, Turtle Island is a place very close to Monica’s heart.  She is the niece of Richard Evanson Senior, a lauded eco-visionary, who purchased the island in 1972.  Growing up with her uncle and visiting Fiji frequently, Monica came to understand deeply the beauty of Fiji and its special energy as an incredible catalyst for change.  Here, surrounded by the pristine ocean, stunningly beautiful white sand beaches, swaying palms, and the generous spirit of the Fijian people, the soul is touched, and even transformed.  Monica created Turtle Talks to share this spirit with the world so that people everywhere can imagine a better world and accelerate a better future.


Born out of her passion for marketing, technology, entrepreneurialism, and social good, Monica believes that every business should be in the business of improving the planet, building the community, and donating a part of their profits for social good.  Monica is founder of Skyline Creek Marketing, a consulting firm in marketing, sales, business development, and corporate strategy.  She is a repeat CEO, VP Marketing, and Advisory Board member with 20 years of experience leading Internet, social mobile, hospitality, gaming, and entertainment ventures.


Attracted to game-changing disruption, Monica combines entertainment, technology and marketing to shape the identities of her clients and share them with the world.  She is passionate about creating brand experiences and narratives that reflect the essence of people and place, crafting a larger conversation for good inspired by beauty and potential.  She believes that every individual, organization and place has a purpose and unique contribution to make, and framed well, their stories can inspire each of us to rise to our fullest potential.


Previously, Monica managed corporate development and strategic planning at Lucasfilm, worked in motion picture marketing for Disney, and ran Tiny Planets, an award-winning children’s TV series and portal of online games in London.  Monica holds a BS in Computer Science from Bucknell University and an MBA in Strategy and Entertainment from UCLA.


Like all creative visions, a talented and dedicated team makes it real. This group of exceptional storytellers and filmmakers are passionate about life and appreciating the insane beauty of humanity and our planet.


Director: Jonathan Olinger

Jonathan Olinger is a filmmaker, social entrepreneur, and child rights advocate. His New York City agency HUMAN tells stories of humanity in documentaries, feature films, company narratives and social justice campaigns. Jonathan brings a global perspective, having traveled and listened to people tell their stories in over 50 countries. Previously Jonathan created the nonprofit DTJ to champion the otherwise mute voices of the world’s children living in crisis, and his media work in this area has resulted in solutions to protect children globally. Having architected the media and messaging for major music events such as Dispatch: Zimbabwe (raised >$1MM through three sold-out shows in Madison Square Garden) and the last two Global Citizen Festivals (each gathered 60,000 people in Central Park to end extreme poverty), Jonathan is a leader at the crossroads of music, entertainment and social engagement.


Producer: Marvin Avilez

Founder and CEO of VisualOps, Marvin is a serial entrepreneur, operations expert, and consultant in the development of numerous startups. He was COO at Social Amp and IN2, and led new media and product roles at Oracle, Apple and Macromedia. A former U.S. Marines Sergeant, Marvin is an active volunteer for a number of organizations, including Team Rubicon which unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. With Team Rubicon, Marvin has been on the ground in the aftermaths of Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Haiyan. Haiyan, which scientists say was made stronger by warmer ocean temperatures, left over 7,000 dead in the Philippines in 2013, and more than 25,000 still homeless more than one year later. Marvin is an advisor to both HICCup, a community-based wellness initiative founded by Esther Dyson, and the Soledad O’Brien and Brad Raymond Foundation.


Producer: HUMAN, A Storytelling Agency


Editors: Jonathan Olinger, Ricky Norris


Cinematography: Gareth Paul Cox, Adam Hobbs, Ricky Norris


Wardrobe and Makeup: Ashley Glasson, Danica Solomon


Set Design: DameVee Ravato Vinaya


Website: Tom Fanelli, Dave Defino, Sandeepa Nayak


PR: Jane Hong