Episode #12: What Will Be Your Legacy?

Tuesday, March 29, 2015

A close and reflection from the creator of Turtle Talks, Monica Laurence:

Monica2Dear Friends,

Turtle Talks launched last year, on Earth Day 2015, and each month since then we’ve released a thought-provoking and hopefully inspiring conversation to imagine a world powered by 100% clean energy. A world where the beauty of our planet is preserved and protected, without fossil fuel extraction. A world of abundance, where endless sunlight and renewable energy sources make battles over limited resources obsolete. A world where the air is pure and breathed in big, delicious gulps by our healthy children. A world where we live in balance – with one another, all living creatures, and nature.

We’ve showcased the possibility of this world by engaging in dialogue with global change makers, like:

  • Leilani Münter, eco-activist, vegan race car driver and generally bad ass goddess
  • Rick Thompson, president and co-founder of New York City-based Greentech Media, the leading digital media and market research firm covering green technologies
  • Daniel Morrell, London-based eco-entrepreneur and creator of the Carbon Neutral movement
  • Dawn Lippert, founder and director of Hawaii-based startup incubator to solve the world’s energy challenges
  • Emilee Pierce, Silicon Valley marketing, communications and renewable energy expert
  • Mark Jacobson, award-winning Director of the Stanford University Atmosphere and Energy Program
  • Michel Gelobter, climate strategist and board member of the California Clean Energy Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Robin Plaskoff Horton, founder of award-winning blog Urban Gardens and advocate for communities enhanced by simple, natural beauty
  • Sita Adhikari, Nepalese solar entrepreneur and champion of empowering women
  • Alnoor Ladha, founder of TheRules.org who explains that climate change is not man-made in the traditional sense, but actually capital-made – every dollar of wealth created heats up our planet
  • Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, indigenous teenage eco-crusader and hip hop artist
  • John Quigley, aerial artist and activist whose iconic human installations deliver powerful, large-scale messages for the common good
  • Tim Jarvis, extreme polar explorer and environmental scientist
  • Roz Savage, self-made adventurer, eco-campaigner and 3x solo cross-ocean rower
  • Daryl Hannah, iconic actress, eco-advocate and Wall Street Journal expert
  • And my dear cousin Richard Evanson, Jr., who carries on the vision of my beloved uncle who purchased the eco-paradise of Turtle Island Fiji in 1972


In this final episode of Turtle Talks Clean Energy, I ask each of our guests, “What is your legacy?” My intent with this question is to awaken each of us to the idea that we matter, we are worthy of legacy, and we each have unique gifts to make our world a better place. I share my own reflections on what it means to live legacy, in every moment, in this presentation I gave last month in Melbourne at PauseFest, an Australian version of SXSW.

It is with deep humility and gratitude that I close this series. The most amazing people have gathered around this project. You, our audience, have found us and told your friends about us. Experts from around the world have shared their knowledge, wisdom and experience. And people of such talent, commitment and passion have stepped onto the Turtle Talks team – Jane, Marvin, Jonathan, Tom, and countless others. I am in awe of you.

It has long been my conviction that each of us is more powerful than we can ever imagine, and that together we can create a world of extreme beauty and joy. That change starts from within. By believing in the potential of our selves. Let’s begin.

With love, many smiles, and excitement for our shared future,


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